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Tramore Allotments

Tramore Allotments


We are a group of people who are setting up allotments in Tramore, we would like to offer space for a sensory community garden and space to Tramore V.E.C. to deliver horticultural courses.
Allotments promote a variety of benefits including: 
● Growing safe and healthy, fresh fruit and vegetables locally; 
● Providing opportunities for lifelong learning; 
● Stimulating the local economy; 
● Saving money; although allotments holders do not always cultivate for cheaper food, many do;
● Satisfaction of growing own food;
● Experimentation with new crops – growing and swapping;
● Activity that enhances peoples physical and mental well-being; 
● Relaxation, peace and quiet, fresh air, and having opportunity for a ‘green’ leisure time base away from home;
● Improving local neighbourhood amenity; 
● Encouraging interaction between ages, differing physical abilities, ethnicities and cultures;
● Sense of community, mutual support and learning;
● Benefits arising from membership of an allotment group such as social events, talks, visits and opportunities to swop     
and/or buy seeds and equipment at discounted group prices;
● Educational, in particular where an allotment plot is run with local children;
● Protecting and enhancing local biodiversity; 
● General increase in biodiversity;
● Contact with nature and wildlife;
● Recycling can be encouraged, for example through composting and re-use of materials, thereby redirecting waste away from landfill;
● Localised food production also brings environmental benefits by reducing the use of energy and materials for processing, packaging and distribution of food;
● Allotments can be integrated into local public health strategies;
● Provides a garden to flat dwellers.