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Pitch & Foot

pandfCombining the games of soccer and golf is catching on fast around the world, with top professional footballers frequently using this addictive hybrid sport for training to boost their accuracy and passing skills.



Pitch and Foot is a fantastic fun game that can be taken up by almost anyone - male or female - and at almost any age. It's a perfect pastime for families or groups of friends/colleagues wanting a laugh-a-minute experience or a serious head-to-head.pitch and foot2

With singles or a fourball being the recommended pairings to keep the play flowing, our 10-Hole, Par 37 course - adapted from a former par-3 pitch and putt layout - is the perfect length (taking around 90 minutes for 4 people to play; just like a soccer match).

The course record is already in the low 30s! Simply put - or putt! - the game has the same rules as a normal round of golf (although not quite as strict!).

The aim is to get the football into our custom-sized, 52cm/20.5"-diameter holes in the least amount of shots, i.e. kicks.


Contact: Ray Connolly

Phone: +353 (0)85-2142343

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Facebook: Pitch-And-Foot