The Metal Man

metal man tramore


Westtown, Tramore, Co. Waterford, Ireland

The Metal Man stands on one of three pillars near Newtown Cove, the maritime beacons were constructed through Lloyds of London at the behest of the Admiralty after the tragic loss of 360 lives after HMS Seahorse sank after becoming grounded at Brownstown Head in bad weather, this tragedy happened in 1816.

The Metal Man is still standing today and dressed in British sailors clothes, a blue jacket, red top and white trousers. The Metal Man is currently on private land and entry to the lands is blocked as the cliffs around the three pillars are very dangerous and unprotected.

The iron metal man figure itself was designed by Thomas Kirk. Only two of the four figures originally planned to make, were cast from that mould and the other figure sits in the water of Sligo Bay at Rosses Point, here the Metal Man is on a small pillar down in the harbour and not visible from long distances like the one in Tramore. The 3 towers at Westown and their sisters at Brownstown Head, Tramore were erected in 1823. They are sometimes thought to be the work of Alexander Nimmo, the same architect who designed Dunmore East lighthouse. However, information from the Inspectorate of Irish Lights mentions that George Halpin Snr. was responsible for their design.

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